Screen Studies on trial

We are currently trialling Screen Studies until 14th June 2018.

Access is only available from on-campus for the duration of the trial, however the resource includes:

  • Access to 60 screenplays including: The Big Lebowski, Donnie Darko and Dunkirk – all fully-searchable for keywords and presented in industry-standard studio format
  • 242 critical and contextual works addressing the history, theory and practice of world cinema
  • A History of Cinema timeline to discover the history of cinema against the wider social, cultural and technological context

See what Screen Studies has to offer in this short video and let us have your thoughts

MyiLibrary Platform Migration – 11th April 2018

From 11th April, the MyiLibrary platform will be migrating its e-book content to Ebook Central.

Users will see an interface change, but also need to be aware that any bookmarks or highlighting features will not transfer over as part of the migration. For books that have been read online and not downloaded, notes will be preserved.

Library Services apologise for the inconvenience this may cause

ScienceDirect – off-campus access issues

We are currently experiencing problems with off-campus access to ScienceDirect e-books and journals.

This problem has been reported to the publisher and we are hoping this will be resolved asap.

On campus access is working as normal so if you log onto the LJMU network from home via our Off-campus applications service then you should be able to access the e-book or journal article that you want via this route until the problem has been resolved.

Details on how to access the Off-campus Applications Service can be found at:

Once logged into the LJMU network log onto Discover via the LJMU desktop internet link and search as normal or go direct to Science Direct via the Databases A-Z option on the Electronic Library:

Athens problems – alternative access to electronic resources

We are having on going issues with Athens but you will be able to access a majority of LJMU electronic resources if you first log in to Off Campus Applications and then go to Discover or to Databases A-Z if you wish to search a particular database. This way you can access many of our resources without having to first log in to Athens.

Apologies for the inconvenience while Athens is unavailable.

Access to Cite The Right

Access to Cite Them Right is currently only available by logging in with your LJMU username and password.

Search for Liverpool John Moores University, then enter your login details.

The publisher is aware of the issue and are working to restore automatic access on-campus, which is affecting us and other universities

ICE Journals – more content available

For a number of years we have had access to a number of e-journals from the Institution of Civil Engineers. We added to this by acquiring the archive of journal articles dating from 1836-2002 for titles such as the Journal of the Institution of Civil Engineers

We are now able to offer access to the core Current Engineering Collection of 30 titles which includes

These 30 journals are available on and off-campus (by logging in via OpenAthens with your LJMU username and password) and fully integrated and searchable via Discover. Why don’t you discover the most comprehensive civil engineering resource available.


Get more with IEEE

We are pleased to let you know that our IEEE Xplore subscription now includes:

  • the IEEE Technology Report on Wake-Up Radio, you can access the full report without charge at this link. This report is peer-reviewed by IEEE 802.11ba working group members. It meets the IEEE standard for quality and accuracy.
  • 50 titles from the Morgan & Claypool Computer & Information Systems (CIS) Collection. These titles cover subjects from topics such as Data Management, Human Centred Informatics, Data Mining and more. You can access these titles now on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. You can see a full list of the titles available in the collection, as well as reviewing collections five and six, also available at LJMU

Internurse and Intermid PDFs currently unavailable

We are currently experiencing problems with full-text access to articles from Internurse and Intermid.

PDF links are not working, users are advised instead to select the Fulltext option which will provide the fulltext html of articles.

The publisher are aware of the problems which are affecting all customers and are working on a resolution

New Trials: Environment and Marine Digimap

Trials have now been set up until March 5th to Environment and Marine Digimap.

To access please login at –

A unique username and password are required to access these trials. Instead of searching for Liverpool John Moores University, type EDINA and choose “EDINA (staff and trials)”, then select and continue.


Please note that for the duration of the trial download facilities will be unavailable.  All other terms and conditions of Digimap use apply.

Access to the service is for trial and evaluation purposes only. Any saved maps should also be deleted at the end of the trial period.