KeyLinks, our upgraded reading list management system, is now available!

With KeyLinks you can quickly create a list of resources for your students containing books, eBooks, book chapters, journal articles, links to webpages, and much more. Your reading list (available per module) lives in the module information area on Canvas and can be updated anytime. It can be filtered on tags that you choose to add e.g. topics/weeks etc. and provides an easy way for your students to access essential and recommended readings. (All existing reading lists, notes and tags on our old system, Rebus:List, have been transferred to KeyLinks). There is a user guide and we will be running workshops and demonstrations to support academic staff. If you have any questions about the upgraded system, or if you are new to reading list management software, please  contact your Academic Liaison Librarian or use the online LJMUHelpMe form. For further information please see Reading list service.


“Rebus:List” upgrade – notice for academic staff

The Library’s reading list software “Rebus:List” is being upgraded this summer to “KeyLinks”. What does this mean for academic staff?

  • From 22nd June access to Rebus:List will not be available
  • Your current reading lists, including notes and tags, will migrate across to the new system
  • New guidance materials will be created to help you use the new system
  • Reading list update sessions will be delivered to help you make the most of the new features
  • Provisional “Go Live” date is Monday 16th July, following a test period by Library staff. We will confirm the launch by email and social media

If you have any queries or concerns about the forthcoming upgrade please don’t hesitate to contact your Academic Liaison Librarian or use the Helpdesk

If you want to find out more or have a sneak preview come and see us on the 5th Floor at the Teaching and Learning Conference!


Box of Broadcasts (BoB) – Scheduled Maintenance

The Box of Broadcasts Service will be completely unavailable between 11th and 13th June 2018. Programmes broadcast during the down-time will be available retrospectively for most channels.

Taylor & Francis Online site maintenance

Some functionality on the Taylor & Francis platform will be unavailable between 4.30am and 4.30pm on Tuesday 15 May due to scheduled maintenance.

Search, browse and reading articles should still be available, but some of the more advanced functionality may not.

Taylor & Francis apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Access to Cite The Right

Access to Cite Them Right is currently only available by logging in with your LJMU username and password.

Search for Liverpool John Moores University, then enter your login details.

The publisher is aware of the issue and are working to restore automatic access on-campus, which is affecting us and other universities

Get more with IEEE

We are pleased to let you know that our IEEE Xplore subscription now includes:

  • the IEEE Technology Report on Wake-Up Radio, you can access the full report without charge at this link. This report is peer-reviewed by IEEE 802.11ba working group members. It meets the IEEE standard for quality and accuracy.
  • 50 titles from the Morgan & Claypool Computer & Information Systems (CIS) Collection. These titles cover subjects from topics such as Data Management, Human Centred Informatics, Data Mining and more. You can access these titles now on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. You can see a full list of the titles available in the collection, as well as reviewing collections five and six, also available at LJMU

Internurse and Intermid PDFs currently unavailable

We are currently experiencing problems with full-text access to articles from Internurse and Intermid.

PDF links are not working, users are advised instead to select the Fulltext option which will provide the fulltext html of articles.

The publisher are aware of the problems which are affecting all customers and are working on a resolution

Web of Science – available off-campus again

Web of Science is once again available off-campus by logging in with your LJMU username and password.

Please note: you may need to clear cookies and the cache of your browser due to previous failed accesses and any error pages that may be stored. Further information on clearing cookies and browser cache can be found at:

Our Databases A-Z page will be updated to include the new link

Could you be a Library Champion?

We are looking for students to help us select and purchase our books!  But there’s a bit more to it than that of course…

We’d like our library champions to:

Contribute to the development of library collections and services

Listen to the views of other students and feed back to the library

Respond to student views on the availability of resources

Meet with the relevant Academic Liaison Librarian

Collate and communicate feedback on Library Services

Act as a sounding board for library proposals

Promote Library Services to your fellow students

Spend a small budget on library resources (minimum of £500)

In return for:

  • An opportunity to influence library decision-making
  • Transferable skills development in advocacy, negotiation, budgeting and promotion
  • Having a fast method of ordering library materials
  • A role to add to your CV
  • To feel empowered and valued by the University

We’ll work closely with you throughout the project, providing all materials and guidance.  And don’t worry about it interfering with your studies – although some time will be needed, we don’t want to detract from your work.

Interested?  Then please drop an email by 15th December to to express your interest.

We look forward to working with you!

Learn more about Law: Trial to Practical Law

Library Services has set up a trial to Practical Law which will run until Sunday 24th December.

The resource will only be available on-campus for the purposes of the trial.

Whether your interest is in construction law, family law, tax or property all areas of law are covered.

Have a look and let us know what you think