“Rebus:List” upgrade – notice for academic staff

The Library’s reading list software “Rebus:List” is being upgraded this summer to “KeyLinks”. What does this mean for academic staff?

  • From 22nd June access to Rebus:List will not be available
  • Your current reading lists, including notes and tags, will migrate across to the new system
  • New guidance materials will be created to help you use the new system
  • Reading list update sessions will be delivered to help you make the most of the new features
  • Provisional “Go Live” date is Monday 16th July, following a test period by Library staff. We will confirm the launch by email and social media

If you have any queries or concerns about the forthcoming upgrade please don’t hesitate to contact your Academic Liaison Librarian or use the Helpdesk https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/microsites/library/about-ljmu-libraries/contact-us

If you want to find out more or have a sneak preview come and see us on the 5th Floor at the Teaching and Learning Conference!


Moving up at Avril Robarts

Work has started at Avril Robarts to move the book stock from the 1st and 2nd floors to the 3rd floor in preparation for the first stage of the library refurbishment project, which starts in September. The study spaces that were on the 3rd floor will be set up on the 2nd floor, where the shelves used to be.

This work is expected to take until 15th June. We’ll keep you update with progress on this blog, through the Library Enhancement Project webpage (www.ljmu.ac.uk/microsites/library/lep), Twitter (@ljmulibrary) and Facebook (@ljmulibrary).

We are trying to keep the disturbance to a minimum, but it is noisy work. Staff will be able to direct you to the quietest areas in the Library. These will change as the move progresses. Please remember that Avril Robarts Library is open 24 hours a day throughout the summer, so if you come after 4.00pm the moves will have finished for the day, and you won’t be asked to leave at any particular time.

Can I still access my books?

Yes you can. There may be a slight delay whilst they are packed and moved to the 3rd floor but it shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes – providing the lift keeps working!

Staff will also retrieve items for you. Ask at the Avril Hub for more details.

Where will my books be after the move?

The books from the first floor, numbered 001 – 599 start next to the South Stairs on the 3rd floor. Books numbered 600 – 999 and the journals will start next to the lift opposite the balcony.

Where can I get help?

Staff at the Hub on the ground floor will be able to help you if you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you have any other queries.

Changes at Avril Robarts

On Friday we told you about the Library Enhancement Project. In preparation for this there will be some changes at Avril in the next couple of weeks.  You may have noticed that some of the books moved from where you would normally find them. From 1st June  the existing shelving and stock from the 1st and 2nd floors will be moved to the 3rd floor, and the shelving from these floors will be replaced with the furniture from the 3rd floor.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please ask a member of staff at the Hub for help.

Library Enhancement Project

From September 2018 until November 2020 the Aldham Robarts and Avril Robarts libraries will be undergoing a programme of refurbishment to create a range of new spaces for our students to study and relax.

Known as the Library Enhancement Project, there will be 4 programmes of work:

  • Refurbishment of Avril Robarts
  • New build pavilion extension to Aldham Robarts
  • Refurbishment of Aldham Robarts
  • Refurbishment of Aquinas Building

Avril Robarts

The Avril project will be the first to get underway, starting in September 2018. The refurbishment will be carried out in phases, floor by floor, starting with the first floor which will be completed by the end of January 2019.

This work is taking place at the same time as the refurbishment and extension of the Tithebarn Building, which will increase and improve the training facilities for the School of Nursing and Allied Health, in line with the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The other phases are scheduled as follows:

  • February 2019 – May 2019: 2nd floor
  • May 2019 – September 2019: Ground floor
  • September 2019 – December 2019 3rd floor

Aldham Robarts

Subject to planning permission being granted the construction of a new build pavilion to be located in the John Foster Gardens, next to the current library, will start in October 2018. This will be a 2-storey extension and will incorporate a café on the ground floor seating approximately 70 people. There will also be informal and group study spaces on this floor and individual silent study spaces on the upper floor. Access to the pavilion will be through the café space, or via a bridge adjacent to the stairwell on the ground floor of Aldham Robarts. The build is scheduled to be completed by September 2019.

Following the completion of the pavilion the refurbishment of Aldham itself will start with the 2nd and 1st floors in the first phase, the ground and lower ground in the 2nd phase. The Library Enhancement Project programme will be completed with the refurbishment of both floors of Aquinas, which is due to be finished in November 2020.

More details of the scopes of the works and any changes to our current services will be circulated during each phase, and will also be found on our web page www.ljmu.ac.uk/library

Athens problems – alternative access to electronic resources

We are having on going issues with Athens but you will be able to access a majority of LJMU electronic resources if you first log in to Off Campus Applications and then go to Discover or to Databases A-Z if you wish to search a particular database. This way you can access many of our resources without having to first log in to Athens.

Apologies for the inconvenience while Athens is unavailable.

New Trial: Independent World Cinema : Classic and Contemporary Film Collection

From today until 3/3/2018 students and staff can access a trial of a new collection of 376 films, Independent World Cinema.

The collection includes some of the most important films produced from the early 20th century to today. It turns the spotlight on three preeminent independent distributors—Milestone Films, Zeitgeist Films, and Oscilloscope. More than just a cinema studies collection, these films support subjects such as cultural history, psychology, gender studies, anthropology, theatre, African American studies, and more.

Some collection highlights:

Image result for la yuma movie     MURDER and murder Poster    People of the Wind Poster

La Yuma (2009) is the story of a girl from Managua, Nicaragua who dreams of becoming a boxer.

MURDER and murderer (1996) tells the story of two middle-aged women who become lovers and set up home together.

People Of The Wind (1976) is a documentary about the Babadi people of Southern Iran during their remarkable semi-annual migration across raging rivers and the Zagros Mountains.

Please give us your feedback on the collection, either via the comments below or through your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Could you be a Library Champion?

We are looking for students to help us select and purchase our books!  But there’s a bit more to it than that of course…

We’d like our library champions to:

Contribute to the development of library collections and services

Listen to the views of other students and feed back to the library

Respond to student views on the availability of resources

Meet with the relevant Academic Liaison Librarian

Collate and communicate feedback on Library Services

Act as a sounding board for library proposals

Promote Library Services to your fellow students

Spend a small budget on library resources (minimum of £500)

In return for:

  • An opportunity to influence library decision-making
  • Transferable skills development in advocacy, negotiation, budgeting and promotion
  • Having a fast method of ordering library materials
  • A role to add to your CV
  • To feel empowered and valued by the University

We’ll work closely with you throughout the project, providing all materials and guidance.  And don’t worry about it interfering with your studies – although some time will be needed, we don’t want to detract from your work.

Interested?  Then please drop an email by 15th December to v.stevenson@ljmu.ac.uk to express your interest.

We look forward to working with you!

500+ new Astronomy & Astrophysics ebooks from Cambridge University Press

Access over 500 new titles to read online or download for free.

Here are three examples to give a taste of what’s on offer:

Precision Cosmology : the first half million years (2017) follows developments in cosmology right up to the latest data analysis of big astronomical datasets.

Memoir of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Jeremiah Horrox (1859) gives an account of the life of one of Britain’s greatest astronomers and includes a translation of his major work, Venus in Sole Visa, a draft of the treatise on the transit of Venus which he correctly calculated and observed in 1639.

Alien life imagined (2012) tells the story of how our portrayal of extraterrestrial life has developed over the last two and a half thousand years.

Precision Cosmology       Memoir of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Jeremiah Horrox       Alien Life Imagined

Click on the cover image to go directly to the item via an authenticated link. Choose to download PDF, or send to Kindle, Google Drive or Dropbox.

When off campus look for an option to login with your LJMU username and password.