Discover the unexpected: a new and improved ‘Discover’ is coming…

The Library’s “Discover” search engine is having a major upgrade this summer.

From July 27th you will be able to explore the Library collections in just one search. The University’s print, digital and electronic materials will be accessible via an integrated, user-friendly, online interface. The needs and expectations of our students, researchers and staff have evolved significantly over the last few years; the new ‘Discover’ will ensure that the Library can satisfy these requirements long into the future.

A summary of the benefits:

• Discover both print and online resources
• Integrates the functionality of the current Library Catalogue and other discovery tools
• Searches the majority of LJMU Library’s databases at once
• Convenient search and access to library account information
• Opportunity to refine and sort search results
• Virtual Browse – browse the bookshelves from your PC, laptop or mobile device
• Easier navigation of and access to online Full Text
• Referencing software such as EndNote is integrated


Discover – brief results screen


Discover – Virtual Browse

Work is well underway to ensure a smooth transition. There will be a period of limited availability while we migrate across from the current system. Basic library tasks such as check-in, check-out and search will continue throughout, however other functionality (renewals, requests, availability  information) will be affected for a brief period. The impact will be kept to an absolute minimum and communicated by a Transition Timetable in July.

Regular updates will follow, so watch this space! If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact the team:


Discover Digest

–          Transition Timetable available: early July

–          New Discover Go Live Date: July 27th

–          Current Library Catalogue retired: 27th July

–          Contact:


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