Having problems connecting to electronic resources?

We have recently moved over to a new version of our authentication system, Athens, which may cause you to encounter some difficulties connecting to some databases or Discover.

To fix the problem you need to clear the cookies from your Internet browser (this option is usually in the tools section) and then reset LJMU as your institution. To reset LJMU as you institution go to the Electronic Library page and click on Set LJMU as your institution.

These links will help you how to clear your Browser cache entries:
Internet Explorer http://bit.ly/1RBat1o
Chrome http://bit.ly/1Jk0L0Z  
iPad & iPhone (iOS 7)Setting > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data
iPad & iPhone (iOS 8)Setting > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

If you are still having problems please get in touch via our Contact us page.

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4 Responses to Having problems connecting to electronic resources?

  1. andriana aggious says:

    It has been impossible for me as well as two other students from Patras Greece to get beyond the log in part of the accessing of the electronic library; i have asked for help on this from the student support office, the professor in charge of our master’s program and the “contact us” part of the library support…to no avail; with the need to access professional journals increasing as i progress with my research, this has created immense anxiety ..please help!!!!

  2. Charlotte says:

    What about connecting on devices such as iPads? It keeps transferring me to EBSCO then saying there’s a system error every single time I try and access something online. Tried downloading the app too and that doesn’t work either. Really frustrating

    • ljmulibrary says:

      Dear Charlotte,

      I am unable to replicate your problem on our own iPad. When you say you are transferred to EBSCO, do you mean you are able to view the results of your search, but when you attempt to access an article you receive a system error?

      To clear your cookies, you enter settings, select Safari, then clear history and website data. This will delete your internet history as well as any cookies. I would also suggest you ensure your pdf reader, likely Adobe Acrobat, is up to date.

      If you need more assistance with this, you can call us on +44 (0) 151- 231 -3179 and press #2. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your iPad with you next time you’re in the library. IT support staff are available Monday-Friday 9am until 5pm, at all three libraries.

      IT Support Team, Library Services
      Follow us on Twitter @LJMULIBRARY

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