New resource: Telegraph Historical Archive 1855-2000

We have recently acquired the Telegraph Historical Archive 1855-2000

The Telegraph was the first 1d morning paper, and by 1876 it was the largest selling newspaper in the world, selling over 300,000 copies. The newspaper was directed at a wealthy readership commonly associated with traditional Toryism despite more liberal beginnings. This shifted in the late 1870s as it began to support Disraeli over the Eastern Question.

Publishing widely on foreign affairs, the newspaper covered many high profile events of the time, including the search for David Livingstone, Winston Churchill reporting from India in 1897, Rudyard Kipling reporting from the trenches of the First World War, and Clare Hollingsworth, the first female war correspondent relaying the start of the Second World War from Poland.

The archive has over 1 million pages of content including the Sunday edition from the beginning.

It is available on-campus, and off-campus via your LJMU username and password

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