Dance – the secret library


If you want to watch a Dance video or see interviews with choreographers then Dance in Video is for you.  There are over 700 videos available.  Interviews with choreographers can also be viewed with the text alongside – handy for using quotes.

You can use it like Youtube to Create Playlists of your favourites – indeed, once you’ve created a Playlist you can add Youtube clips, weblinks, music, images, even links to full text articles if you wish.

the-lindy-hopYou can use it to create a resource about your favourite choreographer or Dance company and publish it to the rest of LJMU – or make it available to users of Dance in Video across the world.  (If you use it to compile a list of resources for one of your assignments you will probably choose to publish it to just yourself). 

Create clips of just the section of video you want to use; embed the clips into your assignments, your presentations – or into Blackboard.

The Help button has short videos explaining how to create clips, playlists etc or check out Dance in Video – a Guide

Dance in Video is available from Library resources – Electronic Library- Databases A-Z or

NB From home login via the Off Campus Application Service

For further information, and if you need any help using Dance in Video contact Jim Rawsthorn, Academic Liaison Librarian for Dance

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