Library Services awarded Customer Service Excellence

CSE is a government backed standard that assesses whether services are efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering with the customers always at the heart of service provision.

To achieve the award Library Services submitted detailed documentation and underwent an intensive day-long assessment visit in November 2014. Library Services achieved full compliance in all elements of CSE. The assessor identified some particular strengths within our service including:

• Staff fully understand the core business of the University.

• Staff are pro-active and provide customers with the help and support needed to deliver the core business (achieve standards).

• Approachable and supportive management team. Teamwork and relationships are very strong – culture of sharing information and planning. There is a friendly and ‘family feel’ atmosphere with dedicated, passionate, committed and hardworking staff.

• Consultation and feedback with customers is always used to develop and improve the services provided for them.

• Treating customers with basic dignity and respect are the core principles of Library Services and are fundamental to the way the service operates.

Library Services are very proud of this achievement and the recognition it gives to the hard work of the staff in providing excellent and focussed services. The work doesn’t stop here though and we are continuing to develop new services and improve those that we offer to all our customers.

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