Drama in the library!

Looking for an audition piece? Need to find something to direct that will suit your performers? Want to learn a part, make your own rehearsal notes, print parts for all  members of the cast? Trying to find a play to read and all the library copies are out?

Then look no further: Drama Online has it all – and more!

Drama Online Home Page

With instant access to over 1,000 plays, from standard classics to contemporary writing, there is bound to be something to suit your needs. Features include:

  • Browsing across authors, periods, genres and themes
  • Personalization: annotate, save, share
  • View cast size and the number of lines per character
  • Monologues and audition speech search

Wherever you are, whatever the time, Drama Online is available to you from the Databases A-Z  list in the Electronic Library .

For any further information or advice on using Drama Online, contact your Academic Liaison Librarian, Sheena Streather.

Drama Online Hamlet

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