Photo Friday: Have your cake and eat it

20140801 [War cake recipe]Monday will mark 100 years since Britain declared war on Germany. There are commemorative events and exhibitions taking place across the country, this week we have used some photographs from our collaborative exhibition with Liverpool Libraries Together “Over by Christmas? Life in Liverpool during the First World War”.

The images show the recipe for ‘War Cake’, hand written by Fanny Louisa Calder (founder of the Liverpool School of Cookery) in 1914. For the launch of the exhibition in July Michelle Allen (Library Services Supervisor) baked four of these cakes which were distributed amongst visitors to the exhibition – it went down very well except with vegetarians, due to the use of beef dripping in the recipe…20140801 [warcakephoto]

The recipe and other material related to the history of LJMU are currently on display at Aldham Robarts Library (lower ground floor), and the exhibition continues at Liverpool Central Library, the Victoria Gallery & Museum and the Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool, and The City of Liverpool College (Roscoe Street).

There will also be a programme of events running alongside the exhibition – to find out more please see the Libraries Together website.


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One Response to Photo Friday: Have your cake and eat it

  1. Will Reid says:

    Visitors also have the chance to visit the War Memorials at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).

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