Photo Friday: On yer bike

20140725 [Punch Cycling]The Tour de France will finish this Sunday, so this week we have chosen a cycling theme for Photo Friday.

Our image is taken from Punch on 16th October 1897, and shows the worries of cycling in the late nineteenth century. In contrast to the sign in this image, the slowest average winning speed for a Tour de France was 15 miles per hour in 1919 by Ottavio Bottecchia (the first Italian winner of the Tour de France), and the fastest has been over 25 miles per hour.

We hold a long run of Punch in print from 1841-1936, and access to this material is by arrangement with the LJMU Archivist. The complete full text of Punch has been published online by Gale Cengage, incorporating a database of the contributors to Punch compiled by Dr Clare Horrocks from LJMU’s Research Centre for English and Cultural History. This important work identifying the anonymous contributors, for the first time, provides crucial data on the social network of writers and illustrators who worked in the literary marketplace of the nineteenth century. Further information about this the project can be found at The Punch Historical Archive can be accessed from the Databases A-Z on the Electronic Library

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