Automatic renewals and laptop loans: improving your experience in the library

booksSince the beginning of the year, we’ve introduced an “automatic renewals” scheme, which means that you no longer have to remember to renew your books as the system will automatically do it for you!

Our new Director, Heather Thrift, who joined us in October was keen to move forward with our “student experience” objectives, one of which was to reduce the amount of money you spend on library fines. Putting automatic renewals in place has allowed us to do just that and this initiative has been well received.

You’ll now receive regular emails informing you which books have been successfully renewed and if for any reason there are books that haven’t been renewed and need to be returned. Books will not be automatically renewed if they have been requested by another borrower, so that you will still be able to get access to the texts you need. We’ve seen a huge reduction in the amount of library fines incurred by you and we welcome the positive feedback we’ve received.

Another initiative to improve your experience in the library has been introduction of 24 hour borrowing of laptops. Loanable laptops are available in each of the three libraries and are very well used. We updated the laptops in September and they are now available for use in the libraries around the clock.

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