Library shelf empty? Why not use the e-library?

Did you know there are thousands of E-books available to read at the click of a button? Many of the key texts on your reading lists will also be available as e-books

In order to get the best experience make sure you Set LJMU as your institution (you only need to do this once on campus and once on each PC or laptop you use off-campus)

You can search for e-books in the same way you would physical books. For example if you were looking for the book “Land Law” by Chappelle you could enter these search terms into the Library Catalogue:

Library catalogue search

The results will list the different editions and if there is an e-book available you’ll see the term eBook in the right hand column (see below)

Ebook search screen

Click on eBook  to get through to the full text (you may at this point get redirected to log on – this is why we set LJMU as our institution to begin with).

In addition to this there are a number of specific collections of e-books available to support different subject areas – ask your librarian to find out if there’s a collection that supports your subject area.

If you have any problems connecting to e-books please get in touch

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