Photo Friday: What not to wear this party season

20131220 [The Strand - The Secret of Smart Dressing]

For our last Photo Friday of 2013, we have chosen an article from 100 years ago, discussing how to wear the latest fashions.  The article, entitled “The Secret of Smart Dressing”, by Gordon Meggy, was featured in the December 1913 issue of The Strand.

The image pictured shows models illustrating the right and wrong way to wear a costume.  On the left we see a model in an afternoon dress, with ‘…furs worn wrongly and flowered straw hat’, whereas in the next image along we see the same outfit, which we are told ‘…looks chic with felt hat and furs as worn by Parisians…’. 

On the right a model in an evening dress is pictured …’with a badly placed aigrette, ugly earrings, and a bad mixture of diamonds and pearls, as well as an untidy and ineffective fur and chiffon wrap.’, and again without the accessories, except for the pearls ‘…effectively worn so as to form the entire decoration.’

We hold “The Strand: an illustrated monthly” from 1891 to 1940 at the Aldham Robarts Library, accessible by request through Special Collections and Archives

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all – watch this space for more Photo Fridays in 2014!

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