Photo Friday: A Case of the Angries

20130920 [Stoke Newington 8 Bulletin 1]This week our photo Friday is the cover of the first Stoke Newington 8 Trial Bulletin, taken from The Situationist International: John McCready Archive.  These bulletins were written by the “Stoke Newington Defense Group”, and documented the trial of The Angry Brigade which took place from May to December 1972.

The Angry Brigade were a British anarchist group who launched a series of bomb attacks against banks, embassies and politicians in the early 1970s.  In total 25 bombings were attributed to the group, resulting in the establishment of the Bomb Squad in January 1971, specifically aimed at catching ‘the Angries’. 

No one was killed during the bombings (although one person was injured), but eight members of the group were brought to trial in 1972, following a raid at an address in Stoke Newington which found guns and explosives.  They became known as the ‘Stoke Newington 8’, and their trial became the longest in British criminal history. 

In this, the first Bulletin of the trial, the details of the trial are set out in sections; The Defendants, The Charges, The Judge, The Jury and Prosecution.  The bulletin ends with the following;

“General Bulletin on the present state of the defendants; Quite cheerful, very determined, and in the case of those inside; -HUNGRY-!”

The trial resulted in four convictions with ten year sentences (James Greenfield, John Barker, Hilary Creek, and Anna Mendleson) and four acquittals (Chris Bott, Stuart Christie,  Kate McLean, and  Angela Weir).

We hold a number of items related to The Angry Brigade in our collections, including several issues of the trial bulletins, and a number of books written on the subject, ranging from 1973 to 2003.

This image (along with several others from the collection) was used in the BBC’s The One Show on Monday this week (16th September) in a feature about The Angry Brigade by Joe Crowley.  This programme is available to view on BBC iPlayer until Monday 23rd September.

The Situationist International: John McCready Archive is a collection of books, leaflets, posters, tracts and various ephemera relating to the Situationist International (SI) – with special interest in the influence of the group in the UK. Many are first editions, and the vast majority are originals. Included in the archive are a number of books by Guy Debord and Asger Jorn, a board game “Mai ‘68”, a Sex Pistols lunch box, a small selection of clothes by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren and much more.   A list of the collection is available on our website, and access to the material is by arrangement with the LJMU Archivist.

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