Photo Friday: Day at the beach?

20130830 [The Foursome]This week we are taking a trip to Freshfield beach for photo Friday, with a photograph taken to promote “The Foursome” at the Everyman Theatre in 1972.  The play featured Alison Steadman, Polly Hemmingway, Jonathan Pryce and Michael Angelis and was directed by Alan Dossor.

Written by Ted Whitehead, this play focussed on a day trip to Freshfield beach and the sexual politics of “pulling”. It caused a stir on its production at the Everyman because of the proliferation of four letter words and nudity. According to Jonathan Pryce, rumours of nudity attracted a large proportion of men to the theatre looking forward to seeing more of Alison Steadman and Polly Hemmingway than usual. They were disappointed: nudity was supplied by Pryce and fellow performer Michael Angelis.

The Everyman Theatre Archive was deposited at Liverpool John Moores University in 2004. The Archive consists of posters, programmes, scripts, photographs, performance reports, press cuttings and letters. The information available is wide ranging – from pictures of Pete Postlethwaite and Jonathan Pryce to unpublished Willy Russell scripts. Interviews with key people have been conducted to complete and enhance our knowledge of the impact of the theatre in Liverpool.  The catalogue of the collection can be found through our website, and access to the collection is by appointment with the LJMU Archivist.

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