Photo Friday: All aboard

20130809 [Cruise Programme SS Bremen]Now we are into the summer holidays, this week we are featuring an extract from one of the cruise programmes we hold in our Special Collections for photo Friday.

This programme is for the S.S. Bremen, constructed by the Norddeutscher Lloyd Line (NDL) in 1929.    

The programme proudly proclaims of the ship that “Already she has become a legend and a classic.  Her name gleams like a new planet in newspapers and private conversations.” 

The page featured shows illustrations of some sections in the First Class accommodation; (from top left to bottom right) A Corner of the Library, The Children’s Room, The Shopping Promenade and the Bowling Alley.  Also available on board were a rifle range, smoking room, ballroom, palm garden, writing room, and ladies’ lounge.  A notable feature advertised in the brochure is the ‘guideboards’ positioned throughout the ship where you could press the button for your desired destination, and the shortest route would light up on the board.

This is one of a number of cruise ship programmes and menus held within our Special Collections, available to consult on request.

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