Photo Friday: Happy birthday Paul

20130614 [Paul McCartney]

It’s Paul McCartney’s birthday next Tuesday (18 June) and to celebrate we have made him the subject of our Photo Friday today!  This is a digital image of a double page spread on Sir Paul taken from issue 1 of ‘The Beatles Book’, a monthly magazine devoted to the Beatles.  Issue 1 was published in August 1963, and contains a short introductory feature like this on each of the Beatles, and also their manager Brian Epstein and their recording manager George Martin.  The Beatles Book continued for 77 editions until December 1969.  It was then revived in 1982 and continued on until 2003.  We hold a complete run of the magazine in our Archives and Special Collections in the library, as part of the Paul McCartney – Many Years from Now: The Barry Miles Archive.

This archive was designed as a writer’s reference library, rather than a fan’s collection, and was assembled to gather together and organise information on the Beatles which Barry Miles used to write many articles and books, including Paul McCartney’s authorised biography: ‘Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now’. The archive comprises of approximately 4,000 pages of clippings and tearsheets, plus over 500 complete magazines; more than 125 books, and more than 3,000 pages of notes and early draft manuscripts.  For more information about this collection, please contact us in the usual manner.

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One Response to Photo Friday: Happy birthday Paul

  1. Tracy Lynn Edgar says:

    The article has it wrong about Paul being the youngest ” of the batch”. George Harrison was the youngest born in 1943.

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