New Trial: ASM Handbooks Online

For 5 days, until Friday 24 February 2012 we will be trialling ASM Handbooks online,

Access is available on-campus only, but we’d be interested in your feedback – in particular which parts of the handbooks you found most useful

Many thanks

12 thoughts on “New Trial: ASM Handbooks Online

  1. The permanent provision of ASM handbooks online would greatly benefit students within the School of Engineering, Technology and Maritime Operations. The availability of real materials data of the quality presented within the handbooks will enhance modules in materials and structural integrity significantly.

  2. I have been lucky enough to have access to these books this year and I can confirm they have been of much use to my final year project and other reports I have done in the past. These are a brilliant source of information and signifcantly improved the quality of my learning for materials, structural integrity and manufacturing systems.

  3. The range of information in the handbooks means that they are suitable for all student levels, researchers and staff. On-line provision would allow easy access to a reliable resource of materials, structural integrity and manufacturing information. Having previously used the handbooks I would consider them a valuable resource.

  4. These documents are very suitable for the students learning materials, the large amounts of graphs can help students understand the complex descriptions. The application is also easy and efficient.

  5. had a very quick look (didnt have much time as cracking on with dissertation) and it seems very good. its easy to navigate around and find what your looking for quickly and theres plenty of information. is there the option to print hard copies of sections (as i personally find it easier to read from paper rather than a computer screen)?

  6. These documents are really useful as they provide a wide range of information about material structure as well as manufacture processing. This will be beneficial for students who are in material module and also any members in formula student team.

  7. This is an outstanding resource for Engineers at all levels. I would expect this to be well used across the School of Engineering.

  8. This was forwarded to me by another student within the school and although i am not studying a materials module it has some very useful information which i can include in my project. It is easy to navigate and the material is extremely good.

  9. Thanks for all your comments everyone. L&SS is pleased to announce that we are in the process of taking out a subscription for the ASM Handooks. Keep an eye on the blog for the announcement when we have them available.

    Your responses here have had a huge impact on the decision to purchase the collection.

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