Work Experience Diary – Emily Canning

Over the last two weeks, we have had a work experience student from Maricourt High School with us, within L&SS. Emily has previously visited the LRC on a number of occasions & had shown a great interest in working with us during her two-week work experience. As part of her time with us she has been learning about our ever-developing Social Media Structure. We thought it would be a good idea if she kept a short diary of what she got up to while she was with us, & that posting it via our blog & through Facebook & Twitter she could gain a little more knowledge of how these technologies work. On that note, I’ll hand you over to Emily & her first week within L&SS.

Aldham Exterior

First Day!

It was my first day of work experience at Liverpool John Moores University, I honestly didn’t know what to expect at first. I could guarantee that I would enjoy it, but I suppose everyone gets nervous on their first day. This is my blog about my first week and how I managed.

I started my first day and was soon taken on a tour of the LJMU building lead by Chris. On the way around, I was introduced to numerous staff members here, not that I can remember names as well as I’d hoped to. My first task was a Dewey and shelving test. This is where I place the library books in numerical and alphabetical order according to their subject, then placing them on the shelves on the applied floors of the building. Three books wrong, not bad for a first go. Soon after those tasks, I was allowed my morning break, 15

Morning Break

Nice cup of tea

minutes to rest my legs. Then I sat with Simon and had my introduction to IT, learning about the L&SS News page, Twitter and Facebook and how LJMU post their blogs, like this. Then I was taken out for dinner with Simon and Nick which was soon followed by a Health and Safety tour by Andrew. After this, I sat down with Sharon and started my ALEPH training, which is the databases where all the library information is stored and also User Reg accounts training. First day over, a good way to start my two weeks.

Day two at LJMU and I start by having some more ALEPH training with Chris. It seemed a lot easier than the day before, I suppose I weren’t as tired then. We were working in the sorting room where all the books go to be sorted into the correct piles to go to the applied floors. There, I learned how to issue and return books on a PC. After that, I then followed Sharon about the university, quite possibly getting on her nerves, and then I began tidying the books on the second floor for a library check the next day. It was then time for my break, although, I got taken into a computer check meeting which gave me an insight into how to make sure a computer is up and running correctly. Then I went for a short break to make a cup of tea and have a biscuit, not that there were any left after Simon had eaten them all. I then sat down for my IT training, also lead by Simon, and I was looking into how CEP (Central Enquiry Point) and SDE (Service Desk Express) work. CEP is the system for answering calls and the SDE is the software package that the university use for monitoring and tracking all the calls an queries. Lunch time came along, mmmmmmmmmmm… Subway! I then again, followed Sharon about when I came back, and sat on the HUB, which

Dealing with Students

Dealing with Students (or ahem...Hassan)

is the main desk in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre). Here, I was learning what goes on there and what the desk is there for. Sharon let me have a go by myself where I checked some of the students for ID if they had forgotten their university card. I then got sent on a head count to see if I could fend for myself an eventually ended up back with Simon where we were looking at the LJMU website and looking at how they work. Day two, even more exciting than day one.

Day three and I start the day straight off with Sharon who showed me how to work with the transits within the building. Then I was taken down to the archives and special collection downstairs with Emily where I was looking at all different types of photographs, posters and newsletters, etc. I was really fascinated by the punk section all about the Sex Pistols and different clothing styles in the late 70’s to the early 80’s, and knowing that the styles have carried on to the present day. I then went on my break after a visit from one of my school teachers to check if everything is going okay. Soon after that, I was working with Michelle on the DLA (Digital Library Assistant) and was having an insight into how it works, after that, I was working with Paul on the HUB where he was talking to me about how the different systems on the PC’s work and what they’re used for. He was also telling me about what goes on at the HUB and why students report there. There were also

On the Hub

On the Hub

students arriving at the desk with problems/issues, so he showed me what to do with some of these and explained what to do in these situations. I then went for lunch and came back to do some processing of new books with Sharon followed by working with Chris on checking the DLA lists upstairs in the libraries. End of day three, so much more to learn, getting there eventually.

Day four of my work experience and I start by working with Sharon on holds, the books that students have requested. We went to the second and first floor to find a few books to place on hold. I then had my morning break and then went and worked on the transaction desk, taking in coursework that was due in and ordering them in the right groups. After that, I had my lunch and came back to work with Mick and another work experience student, Alex, doing some work on cataloguing. I had my afternoon break and then I went with Hassan to help with the DLA work, we then went to a computer and worked with the books which had faults. This was the end of day four.

Printing Documents

Printing Documents

Day five of my work experience and I start the day by helping Simon check all of the PCs in the building and making sure they work, then I had my break which was soon followed by an introduction to digitisation by Anne. We then went for lunch and I came back to help Chris and Megan to put the files together for staff training. This contained instructions for head counts, ALEPH and how to work the printers. Then I had my afternoon breaks and then worked on a PowerPoint presentation with Simon, this was then projected on to the wall of the LRC. End of day 5, the weekend is here!

Weekend over, second week into my work experience. Day six and I start the day by helping Dorna box their journals ready for pick up. We put them into date order and separated them in to batches of January to June and July to December. These were then taken downstairs by me and Dorna and soon after I was on my break. Then I went down to the transaction desk with Jenny and Sam and was having another look into how the graduation enquiries are handled. I came upstairs for my lunch and then went with Jane to work with the books that have been withdrawn. Then I left early from work as I had to go for a doctor’s appointment. Day six finished.

Day seven of my work experience and I start by shelving a full trolley of books. Whoop! (no sarcasm intended, seriously). Then I sat down for my break, although shelving took longer than expected. Then I sat with David to do some withdrawal books again, then went to do a shelf check with Chris. On the way back, we seen Paul, so I stayed and helped him with some more shelving. Then I went for my dinner and came back to do some DLA and show Paul how to do it. Then I stayed till 5:00 to finish logging the books. Day seven over.

I start day eight by doing the PC checks with Jane, making sure that all the computers in the building are working. Then I sat down to do some withdrawals with Jane and boxed up the books. Then I had my breaks and

Locating Holds

Locating Holds

went down to the HUB with Hassan. He was showing me how to deal with an enquiry about a student who returned three books but the receipt only said that he returned two. We then went to the sorter to see what the problem was, and it had jammed, so we moved some books and it began to work again. Then I went for my lunch and came back to do some DLA with Paul on the second floor. We checked over 1000 books and then went to the sorter room to deal with the problems. After that, we worked on some more shelving and then it was time for me to go home.

Day nine and I start by sitting on the HUB with Paul and Dorna. Then I began doing the PC checks of all the computers in the building. Then I came back downstairs to the HUB to help out with Hassan and some enquiries. Then I went for my morning break and then I started to shadow Dorna on the CEP. I then went for my lunch and came back to working with Hassan on the sorter and working with the books which are to be sent to other sites of the university. After that, I came upstairs to work with Dorna on DLA and then soon, it was time for me to go home. End of day nine. One day left!

Last day of work experience! I start off by helping Hassan find the books which have been requested by students. We then put them onto the system and changed their status to make sure they stay on hold. After that we went upstairs and I was working with Doreen

Loose Leaf Doreen

'Loose Leafing' with Doreen

on Loose Leaf. This is where there are binders which need sheets replacing (loose leaflets). After this I went for my dinner, Burger King! I came back into work and then went to see Nick, who has helped me write this blog. Taa daaaaaaa šŸ™‚

During my experience at Liverpool John Moores University, I’ve had some excellent help from the staff members who have guided me through my ten days. I am much appreciative of their help as I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. A great thank you to Chris Haddock for allowing me to have my work placement here in Aldham and there are also many thanks to Chris, Sharon, Michelle, Paul, Dorna, Mick and Hassan as they spent the majority of time helping me these past two weeks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself both working and being present around the staff, so thank you!

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