One language, many voices – not the name of this years worst X-factor group…..

The British Library is preparing to launch an exhibition called ‘Evolving English: One Language, Many Voices’. Linguists within the British Library say pronunciation is a matter of fashion and are asking the public to help it track how pronunciation is shifting in Britain, as our language evolves.

Volunteers are being asked to record a chapter from the Mr Men book Mr Tickle, to see how certain words and accents have changed over time. The British Library wants as many people as possible to record the opening paragraphs of children’s book Mr Tickle to track differences in vowel sounds. It says youngsters are now more likely to say “haitch” than “aitch” when pronouncing the letter H.

When saying the word “mischievous”, they prefer to pronounce it “mischeevy-us” rather than “mischivus”, curators add. Young people are also more likely to have a different way of saying words such as garage, schedule, migraine and harass.

‘The concise Oxford dictionary of current English’ can be found in Avril and Aldham LRCs class number 423 con

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